Top tips for skiing in the early season

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The season has started with a bang! Loads of snow has fallen across U.S. over the last 10 days or so, and there’s more in the forecast. It looks like it could be a record opening for many resorts – with snow depths already being measured in the meters, even in non-glacial resorts. The majority of ski resorts in U.S. have opened last month, 15th December, some with limited opening.

Skiing in December and January can often throw up different challenges as you try to cope with cold, wind, snow etc. How best can you prepare for changing weather and conditions? Here are some top tips to help!

1. Layer Up

It really is best to have good technical base layers.

2. Morning Checklist

It’s easy to forget those little extras that make life more bearable.

3. Neck warmers – the Skiers’ and Snowboarders’ friend

It’s difficult to underestimate how useful and effective these little items are.

4. Boots – Dry them out at the end of day

Wherever you’re staying make sure you can keep your boots in a heated area overnight so that any dampness is dried out before the next morning.


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