“Microsoft Surface: A Sleeper?”

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Enter: The Surface, ’s answer to - and not just the iPad. As a transforming device, one which is both laptop and tablet, the Surface has essentially created a new category previously unknown to the technology world. Yet, this is enough fuel for some critics to slam the device- if it’s not a laptop, netbook, or tablet, then what is it? The Surface is its own category.

Hailed by some as the iPad killer and others as a waste of effort by a dying company, Microsoft has managed to create a unique polarization which was formerly associated with Apple. Regardless, sales of the device have only been reported to be, in the words of Steve Ballmer, “modest”- in other words, underwhelming. While the Surface is nothing before which has come out of the bowels of Microsoft, or anything within the recent history of the technology industry, with the vote of their wallets, consumers are voting against it. But why?

It’s all in the marketing and product placement of the device; no matter the level of innovation, it is ultimately the work of marketing which will bring the device the glory it deserves or shoves it to oblivion. As far as the Surface goes, I believe that this device is a definition of a sleeper in the fullest; let me put it this way- the Surface RT is a tiger cub- and Surface Pro is what happens when you prod it with a stick. Microsoft Surface, in my personal opinion, has the opportunity to leap on the face of Apple and Android and wreck severe havoc.

Although the Surface is the first publicly buzzed- about offering since Windows 95, Microsoft has no intent of stopping there. Surface, as you may or may not know, is intended to be a line of devices- not just one. There has already been talk about releasing a Surface Phone; and the technology world has already began drafting up what it may look like in anticipation. That’s right: momma tiger and daddy tiger have found Apple and Android lingering outside of their cave. Watch long enough, and you’ll see that all that is left is an apple core.

But this remnant of Apple- the core-I believe, will remain relatively unscathed; computers and laptops. Although Surface dominance of the tablet market would mean a severe blow to iPad sales, Windows 8 as an operating system has made a measly dent in the market. If the surface awakes, Apple will continue to exist, perhaps even thrive. However, at present the Surface continues to sleep an unbroken sleep, numbers falling flat and sales in now way above average. It is only until the release of the Surface Pro that we will know, after which only time will tell.

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