Top five Gadgets for Students

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Toaster oven—It is a magical piece of kitchen machinery, playing the roles of a toaster, oven, and in many cases microwave. It is quite a good helper for students to prepare food quickly.

Smartphone – Everyone has their preference when it comes to mobile OS, and for the average user, it doesn’t really matter which one you use. Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8 will all give you a great user experience. With smartphone, students can efficiently manage their study and life by using a variety of .

Kindle– Books are heavy, your phone is too small, and everyone hates reading on their computer. The Kindle is the answer! It makes reading easily, and it is an environmental-friendly product.

Macbook Air 13”/Windows Ultrabook – If you need a computer for Office, the Internet, managing some photos and daily tasks, a new Macbook Air or Windows Ultrabook is absolutely a good choice. While they may be a bit pricier, the extremely light weight means you can easily carry it around with you.

Flashlight – Many phones have the function of flashlight, however, having a dedicated flashlight can be a life (and battery!) saver. A real flashlight, with new LED technology, is also much more brighter than even the most intensely shining phone flashes. 

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