A Startup’s Guide to SEO

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There is no better tool for startup companies to introduce their products or services to potential customers than .  SEO involves strategizing ways of getting a website to reach the top of a search results page for a query related to the company’s field of work.  It’s important for your company to build an aesthetically pleasing and informational website, but getting your website to the top search result spot takes more involvement.  Here are three tips to guide your startup company in its SEO journey:

1.            Make your site index-able: Search engines rank sites by having automated “bots” scroll through an index, which stores information about each website.  If your website has broken links or hidden content, this could cause indexing issues.  Set up a Webmaster Tools account; this will display any “crawling errors” that need to be fixed.

2.            Include Industry and Branded Keywords on your website:  Keywords are specific words or phrases that your company’s potential customers might include in a Google search.  Industry keywords refer to broader search queries related to your industry.  Optimizing with these keywords in mind will help your company’s website rise above those of its competitors.  Branded keywords are related to your company name and its specific products.  Including these keywords will bring your website traffic once your company name gains more recognition.

3.            Research Search Volume, Competition, and Search Intent: These factors will help you decide on the most effective keywords to use.  The search volume of keywords – the number of times they are searched each month – can be found on various keyword research programs.  Competition refers to the level that a keyword has been optimized by other sites.  It is generally better for startups to avoid highly competitive keywords and to optimize less competitive but highly relevant keywords.  Search intent has to do with a user’s reasoning for including a search query.  When considering a keyword for optimization, think about whether a user who enters this keyword would be genuinely interested in buying what your company has to offer.

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