Are you a social media all-star? Participate in our profile series!

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Social media is becoming increasingly pivotal to real estate. As more consumers move their home search online, they’re also counting on social media to help them find an agent who can land them the home of their dreams — or get the price they need to close a sale.

Inman is profiling social media all-stars — agents, brokers and other real estate professionals at the top of their Twitter game or with a targeted Pinterest plan of attack — who are killing it on social media and want to share their secrets of success.

Interested? Send a large photo of you, a screenshot of your smartphone home screen and the answers to the following questions to [email protected]


Years in real estate:

Job title:


Hours per week spent on social media:

Social media accounts:

Target demographic:

Average number of posts per day:

Which social channels do you work more?

How many friends, likes, etc., do you have?

Does that number matter to you?

Do you ever give it a break?

Does social help your business, how?

What’s your goal for your favorite social channel?

What’s your strategy to achieve it?

Is it worth it, why?

What’s your craziest social media-related story?

What actions do you take that have gotten the most results?

Is this more about “social” or about business?

How do you monitor the channel, push notifications, email? Do you use software/ to manage your account, which ones?

How many hours per day are you on social? Do you check it daily? Multiple times per day?

Do you ever think of retiring?

Do you consider yourself an influencer?

Are you social in real life?

What did you do with your time before?

How do you leverage your prominence/influence on social?

Do you have someone helping you?

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