Abandon Ship? Reasons to Rethink Florida

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Florida keeps growing! A record 20 million people now live in the state, making it the third most populous state in America. Florida boasts a family friendly environment, beautiful cities such as Miami and Orlando, and many bars and restaurants across the state. However, Florida is prone to natural disasters such as hurricanes and a lesser known problem with sinkholes.

Before you consider that new luxury condo in Florida, know that Florida is prone to a problem unique to the region: sinkholes. These powerful sinkholes have been known to swallow up cars, backyards and even dragging peoples’ homes down into the depths of the earth. 80% of Floridians receive their water from a cheap, easily accessible underground source, namely groundwater. Under the state of Florida, there are huge reserves, reservoirs that fill up with clean, drinkable rainwater that can be inexpensively accessed using a series of pumps. The problem lies in the ever growing population of Florida. They’re using more water than can be replenished by the rain. This causes the limestone bedrock on which most of Florida is established to cave in on itself, creating massive, devastating holes in the ground.

Sinkholes can be especially devastating if they occur under someone’s home. At first, when the problem was not as rampant, insurance companies included sinkhole protection in their plans. However, as the number of accidents related to sinkholes grew, the profits of these companies started dwindling. The numbers were so bad that the insurance companies had to change their plans to discontinue honoring home damage via sinkholes.


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