Why the K Show is Essential to the Plastics Industry

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Every three years, the and rubber industry’s top companies and specialists meet up at the K Show, where new technologies, discoveries, and innovations are introduced. K 2013 is set to take place from October 16th to October 23rd. Why is the K Show so important to the plastics industry? Read on to see why we’re so excited for this upcoming event!

If you are active in the plastics or rubber trade, you should already have plans for October. Anyone who is interested in innovations in the industry, focused on offering attractive products, or wants to check their competition should book a flight to Dusseldorf, Germany, for K 2013, an international exhibition which takes places every three years.

K 2013 will showcase the latest developments in the industry; expect to see new standards in speed, quality, flexibility, and efficiency of processing plastics introduced, and to observe groundbreaking changes in compounding and recycling equipment.

The show’s theme this year is “K makes the difference”. The letter K stands for the innovation that gives companies the ability to perfect any product, from plastics and rubber. The exhibition will include more than 3,100 companies from the plastics and rubber industry from 60 different countries, and 200,000 visitors are expected to attend the event.

What should you expect to see at K 2013? Here are some highlights:

  • the exhibit will bring together the best selection of raw materials and composites with the best-possible processing methods
  • both individual specialists and scientific institutes will present on the latest developments from the plastics and rubber industry
  • the focus of attention will be not only on optimized standard raw materials, but also on bio-plastics, advanced and reinforced plastics, and the latest developments in the fields of structural materials and functional biopolymers for futuristic applications
  • multiple demonstrations of sophisticated production units and the most extensive range of machines and equipment worldwide.

Compounding and recycling will also have a special place at K 2013, as well as biopolymers and , due to the fact that the plastics and rubber industry has an enormous potential to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, save fossil resources, and promote the use of sustainable raw materials.

K 2013 will be the ideal market platform for information, innovations, and investment opportunities. Its purpose is to present a global overview of the current situation and the prospects for the future of the industry. The exhibit is a must-see for all those who wish to consolidate or build on their current market position. Are you attending?

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